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What’s Your Sinus IQ?

Complete the following Sinus Self-Assessment and someone from our office will contact you about your results.

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Comprehensive Sinus Assessment in Jupiter, FL

Your sinuses are a complex system of air-filled cavities within the facial bone. They are designed to help protect you from allergens and bacteria that can enter your body through the nose. However, if you suffer from sinusitis, the medical professionals at Jupiter Sinus & Allergy can help you find relief. As the area’s leading ear, nose, and throat specialist, we have the right technology, skills, and equipment to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your sinuses. While certain medicines may help alleviate the symptoms, a comprehensive examination can allow us to understand the underlying cause of your condition so we can recommend the proper treatment for long-term health. Contact us today to get started.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Process

Our team has decades of combined experience providing relief for patients. Throughout our years of service, we have performed countless sinus diagnostics to help identify the underlying cause of many sinus-related conditions, including sinus infections, deviated septa, nasal polyps, and more. This safe and painless assessment is performed in our office and doesn’t require any anesthetics. During your evaluation, our doctors may check for the following:


We begin by inspecting the surface of the nose. We make special note of any discoloration, such as redness. Our team will also identify any swelling, malformations, asymmetry, or other abnormalities.

Nasal Cavities

Next, we’ll inspect the nasal cavities using a scope. Your doctors will be on the lookout for any malformations, such as polyps, lesions, or masses. We can also identify a deviated septum.


We may ask you to perform various breathing exercises to ensure no obstructions are blocking the airways.

You Might Be Struggling With Chronic Sinusitis

If you’re experiencing persistent sinus pressure and drainage, even after taking antibiotics for what you thought was just a cold, it’s possible that you’re dealing with chronic sinusitis. To confirm this, take our Sinus Self-Assessment Quiz and our team will get in touch with you to discuss your results.

We Can Help Treat Sinus Issues in Jupiter, FL

While many patients’ sinus infections will resolve independently, those with chronic sinus issues may find it debilitating. A sinus exam allows our team to inspect your sinuses for obstruction and abnormalities. As the area’s prominent ear, nose, and throat specialist, we have the proper training and experience to identify issues and recommend the correct treatment for long-term relief. If you’re suffering from chronic sinus infections or other problems with your sinuses, contact our team today to schedule your assessment.

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